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Verb Tense Final Test

This is a Verb Tense Final Examination for Secondary Education English Language Learners. This is a formal summative test. It differs from a verb tense short pop quiz because it is much longer and much for comprehensive and summative. The short pop quiz that is posted still expects students to know irregular verbs and all of the tenses and how to use them positively and negatively, but the final test is more rigorous in terms of content. The students are not given one topic, such as a car accident. Instead, they are given different contexts in each question and asked to fill in the correct verb conjugations. This test is useful because the computer will grade the students answers and give them a percentage of how many answers were correct. The test even allows for students to go back and to try to correct their answers, and the test will give "hints" to students by giving them a letter in the verb. This a useful tool because if students do not know the correct answer has the copula as well as the verb, then the test would give them a hint that the first letter is of the copula, so they should add it as well as the verb in parenthesis. Also, if the students do not spell the verb correctly, then the test can give them the correct vowel or consonant so they can get the correct answer. One of the limitations of this test is that it is solely focused on reading and writing abilities, and if this test is for a grade as a final exam, the students may not be able to show all of their abilities in reading and writing, and so the teacher should also have an additional resource that allows students to have another opportunity to do well on the final test for the lesson. The teacher would also have to specify how many tries the students would have to get the correct answer before the teacher would write down what percentage of questions the student answered correctly if they were to grade the students on this test, and not just for practice (SH).