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Vasi came to the US at seventeen after her parents had tired of finding appropriate education for her. Vasi presents as a child might who has been determined to fit the possibilities of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The doctors in her home country of Bulgaria had no suggestions for treatment, behavior modification, etc. Vasi is very dependent on her parents who want to give her life opportunities to keep her social, learning, and growing. She admires her teachers and will tell a teacher if she does not know something, but she struggles to interact with classmates--though she will mimic them if she sees them doing something that seems to please the teacher. Vasi is in mainstream Math, Science and Social Studies classes. She receives ESL assistance and attends a social skills class in the Special Education Department.
  • Imitation
  • organization
  • Writes factual information well
Academic Profile

Useful strategies

  • Oral explanation
  • time

How can you engage Vasi in a meaningful learning experience in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social Skills?