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TOEFL Practice Test

This is an Extensive Listening assessment for Secondary Education English Language Learners. This is a formal summative test. The reason this is an extensive listening assessment is because the student has to listen to conversations, academic discussions, and lectures that are relatively long and then respond to multiple choice questions that ask the students to recall main ideas and remember the gist of the conversation. The student is also allowed to take notes about specific points of the conversation or what is happening during the conversation. Therefore, the test is valid because the students are not expected to recall a lot of information as long as they are fully aware that they can take notes while they listen. If the students were lower level students that struggled with listening, the teacher should try and find an assessment that the students can see and listen to but for the purpose of listening, the topics are authentic. They involve school life, which all ELLs will have to experience and therefore, the language and vocabulary will not deter the students from finding the main ideas. The multiple choice options are not too similar so that they would confuse the students. The test is practical because the grading time would be very quick. Overall, this test is a common way of formally assessing students on their listening skills and it would help prepare ELLs for college entrance level tests or any listening test they may see in Secondary school. Therefore, students would have the added motivation to do this type of assessment because it would give them experience for future listening tests (SH).