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TOEFL Practice Test- Speaking Section

This is an extensive speaking assessment for Secondary Education ELL students. This is a formal summative test for ELLs that are trying to get into a university. The reason this is an extensive speaking test is because the student is required to create a speech on a given topic. They also will not get any instant feedback from other students or the teacher. This is a formal test, and the students will be giving formal responses. Even though the students do not have much time to prepare their answers for this speaking test, they do have some preparation allowance before they speak, and that is another reason why this is an extensive speaking exercise. Teachers could adapt the test so that the students have a longer time to prepare for the speech in order to help struggling ELLs to be able to produce a speech that has more explanation or detail. Teachers would have to be aware of the reliability issues of these kinds of tests because each student could have a different response to an open-ended question because the question is so broad. This test is authentic though, because students are responding to questions about schools and universities which is where students are trying to go if they are taking the TOEFL test (SH).