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Although this whole assessment can be considered selective reading, but each section can be used as an assessment. As a whole , the assessment would be a very good formal , summative assessment but each individual task can be taken apart and used more informally and in a formative manner. For example, part 1 (pages 2 and 3) can be used as a formative assessment for students. The assessment is practical since it only has a few questions, does not take extensive funds and only has one correct answer so the scoring is simple and straight forward. The test is pretty reliable because the test will yield the same kinds of answers, no matter how many students take it. The task is valid because the questions are asking about the text specifically which tests if the students comprehended the text and makes it a selective reading assessment. The authenticity is moderate for the assessment. It looks to be almost like a newspaper story, but the style of writing is a bit different. The actual writing seems to be authentic, but there is some cultural bias towards Christmas and the Christmas tree. The wash back for this assessment seems to be pretty low. There are not many choices in feedback when it comes to multiple choice. Two choices to try and provide students with positive feedback are to either write on each paper why that answer is wrong, which would bring the practicality of the assessment down, or explain the answers in class which could cut into the next lesson. K.Z.