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This is a selective reading assessment. It is a formal summative assessment. Selective reading is all about whether students can comprehend which word goes in the correct space. Here they are supposed to read a story about the titanic and then fill in the blanks with the words provided. This will show whether the students understood the story or not. It will also show if they can form correct sentences by putting words into the blanks that make sense. While the reading passage is fairly long, the students do not necessarily have to read it to answer the questions. The assessment is a great vocabulary test for students to see if they know what all the words mean and where to use them grammatically in a sentence. The only bad thing about this test is the fact that the reading section is so long and struggling students may have a hard time with it, become discouraged, and give up. Overall, it shows a great use of vocabulary and grammar when forming a sentence and works well for a selective reading assessment.

By: LR