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This informal assessment is a great way for students to have the opportunity to tell the teacher about themselves. Teachers must know what a student does outside of class, their likes and dislikes and what emotions they feel so the teacher s ca better facilitate the student’s learning. This assessment can be changed into e very formative for not only the student, but the teacher. A teacher could make monthly questionnaires to see how the students feel about the class and how it is going to give feedback to the teacher but also provide the teacher with writing assessments from his or her students. The assessment is very practical because it does not take too much money most efficient since the worksheet will most likely be used in the first few days of class. The assessment is also valid because the teacher Is looking for writing samples from the students, which this allows it in an informal, less stressful way. The questionnaire is reliable because no matter what student takes it when, the answers will be similar with personal variations. The assessment is pretty authenticity because many of the questions are used when meeting new people. Not only do students get to state their opinion, they get practice in filling out questionnaires. The wash back given depends on if the assessment if formally graded on content or just used for the information and skill levels of the students. If there is a grade, there is limited ash back available for the students; grammatical or spelling feedback. There is a lot of feedback for the teacher and that wash back can be used to prepare future lessons and activities to better suit the students. K.Z.