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Purposes of Education: Practices

This is a page to think about and present different practices that are associated with or would illustrate the different purposes of education. Think about practices and place them in the table under the "purpose" they assist or illustrate. There may be overlap between practices.

Social Efficiency
Democratic Equality
Social Mobility
(aka Credentialism)

Social Melioration
Offering vocational classes.

Homogeneous groupings that offer differentiated curricula depending on students' abilities and interests.

Practicing teaching styles that are student centered instead of lecture centered so students can learn by problem solving together.

Literacy as preparing for a job, supporting yourself.

Depending on stratification - some people get liberal arts and some people get vocation ed.
Offering a comprehensive curriculum to students from all social classes.

Requiring that everybody participate in discussions.

Liberal Arts for everyone.
Giving rewards and opportunities based on grades and/or compliance with norms.

Keeping track of class rank.

All competitions.
Offering extra-curricular tutoring for people who need more support.

Heterogeneous groupings in which students with more expertise help students with less expertise.
Offering classroom stations from which students can choose.

"Mastery Learning" in which everyone studies at his/her own pace.

Structuring lessons to always include the students creativity.

The child has a choice of what, when and how to read.
Requiring attendance and setting due dates.

Including behavioral criteria as part of school evaluations.

"Love of Reading" as part of a culture that values teaching for enjoyment.