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Police and Witness Role Playing

This is a responsive speaking assessment for Secondary Education ELL students. This is an informal formative assessment. The task requires students to listen to short questions and make short responses about a suspect's physical appearance and the scene of the crime. The site gives good questions that students can use as a model for asking each other questions in pairs. The site is also limited because it does not give students pictures of people they should be describing or scenes of where the accident or crime has happened. Therefore, to avoid the problem of students not being able to creatively think of and speak about a scene or person, teachers should provide each pair of students a picture of the scene so that one student could play the police officer and the other play a witness to a specific picture of the scene that includes a visual of the people that the student is supposed to describe. Teachers could use this assessment as an informal assessment by having the students do a class activity where the teacher gives informal feedback to each pair of students by walking around the classroom, or the teacher could use this as a formal oral test with multiple topics and pictures for pairs of students to talk about in role playing situations. This test would give reliable results of whether or not students could express through speech what they see in the picture and if they can make short conversations about a given topic (SH).