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Pair Interview Speaking Activity

This assessment is an intensive speaking assessment. It is a pair interview that could be used formally or informally depending on whether the students’ responses are recorded or if the teacher just simply walks around and observes. It could also be either formative or summative depending on the assessors’ objectives. It could even be used multiple times throughout a lesson or unit. The assessment has students ask each other a range of questions which they are then supposed to answer verbally. It is very authentic as many of the questions are ones that they will most likely encounter in daily life. Interviews are also common practice and a speaking skill that should be mastered by all language learners. Its limitation may be its reliability because in an interview setting there are so many other factors that can influence the students production of language such as confidence, volume, mood, whether the students paired together like each other, etc. Many of these same factors could influence the raters as well which would mean you would have to be prepared for possible discrepancies in rater reliability.