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Oleg came to the US from Moldova when he was 13 years old. He had formal schooling, though he missed one week of school every month from the time he started school to work in the village pasture. His optimistic nature supported his desire to socially acclimate to his new “home”. Despite his Michael Jordan dreams, he quickly discovered that he would much rather talk to people than try to read and write. He quickly picked up on social language—learning pat phrases, copying sarcasm, and evening learning how to “joke”. He learned best by hearing, and often asked “tell me the story” of the cell, or migration in Northern Africa. He wanted to be told how to do a Math problem, or told how to accomplish a task.
  • Optimistic attitude
  • Keen perception of non-verbal cues
  • Story oriented
  • Excellent aural skills
Academic Profile
Useful strategies
  • Oral explanation
  • Oral assessment
  • Explicit literacy instruction

How can you engage Oleg in a meaningful learning experience in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health?