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This is an interactive speaking assessment. It is a formal, summative assessment. I choose to use an interview because the student must interact with the teacher. The teacher will ask a question and then the student must answer it to his or her best ability. While all of the questions focus on one topic, in this case change, they are harder questions than beginners could answer. It is also short answer questions, so the student does not have to talk that much, like they would if speaking a monologue. I like this assessment because students from all students would be able to answer the questions. The questions are all about themselves or their native country. This way the students will know the answers to the questions and can focus on speaking and not trying to figure out the answers as well. The downside to this exam is that once again the students must understand the questions before they can answer them. The student may be able to speak well, but without understanding what he or she is supposed to do, he or she cannot answer the question. For the most part though this assessment is valid and authenticate. Students may have to answer these questions about themselves outside of the classroom so it would make good practice for their speaking.

By: LR