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Conversation Practice (Speaking Situations)
1. Pretend you are buying something from a store.
Role play a coversation between a clerk (A) and a customer (B).
Ask for help in finding the item you want to buy.
Find out price and any other information you need.
Pay for the item at the checkout counter.

For Example,
A: May I help you?
B: Yes, do you have any brooms?
A: Yes, they're over there by the wall.
B: Thank you.
B: How much is this sweater? / are these sandals?
A: It's $_. / They're $.
A: Is that all for today?
B: Yes, I think so.
A: That comes to $.
B: Here you are.
A: Thanks.

This assessment is an interactive speaking assessment. It consists of a role play situation in which the speakers pretend they are a grocer and a customer. It is primarily informal, but could be used formally or informally depending on whether the students’ responses are recorded or if the teacher just simply walks around and observes. It could also be either formative or summative depending on the assessors’ objectives and when the students participate. Its major selling point is its authenticity. A conversation in real life situations such as a grocery store is extremely authentic. It is monetarily very practical, but would take time and possibly many assessors to assess recordings of an entire class formally. Informally it is more practical.