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Selective reading and interactive reading are very similar in the tasks assigned to students, but the main difference is what the tasks focus on. Selective reading tasks are focused on finding the information from the reading while interactive tasks focus on the meaning behind the reading. This formative worksheet focuses on the meaning behind similes and metaphors. The assessment seems to very practical because the assessment does not cost much money, it stays within appropriate time constraints, easily administered and not excessively expensive. It is also reliable because most metaphors or similes only have one meaning, as long as students know what they mean, they will have similar answer with possible variation in explanation. The test is valid because it is looking at the meaning behind the metaphors instead of the information given. By having the students give the explanation of the simile or metaphor, the test is looking specifically at if the students understand the meaning. The assessment has a moderately high level of authenticity. Since the worksheet is focusing on similes and metaphors, things that are often heard in colloquial language, it brings a high level of authenticity. The authenticity is brought down because the sentences are random and have no flow from thought to thought. The students also make authentic text to explain the metaphor or simile used. The wash back for the students can be very positive. If the students does not know what the metaphor means, the teacher can given an explanation and another sentence in which it is used. Although this feedback takes a little more time, it does not dramatically affect the practicality of the assessment. K.Z.