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This assessment is an intensive listening assessment. It is a formal, formative assessment. It can also be summative, depending on when this test is given. There are many good merits about this assessment. Depending on which level your students are at there are two dialogues to choose from. It also gives the reader ample time to hear what is being said and try to figure out the meaning and write it down. While this is a listening assessment, it needs to be seen in another way. In this example it is being written down. You could also have your students speak what they heard or explain what it is about. I choose this one because I believe that learning to write simple sentences like this can also be helpful. The fact that it assesses the students’ listening skills by writing is one of the downsides to this test. While your students may be good at listening, they could not be as good at writing. However, if you know your students well, you should be able to come to a different arrangement on how they are to be graded. Overall, I think this assessment is practical, since it is easy to grade, reliable, because they will either understand or not, and authenticate, because it is likely to be something they would talk about in secondary schools.

By: LR