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This is an imitative writing assessment. It is a formal, formative assessment that allows a teacher to see how well his or her students are able to write simple sentences. It is practical in that it is easy to grade, as well as reliable because the same answer will be reached by everyone, and authentic since students will have to write legibly so people can understand. Since imitative writing is all about the correct way to form words and letters, this is a great example of how well a student can write. Most of the letters of the common letters in the alphabet are present so the students will receive a lot of practice with those. It is also about the same topic all the way through so it will be easy for the students to understand and not become confused with a switch to the topic they are writing about. Overall, this is a great assessment to see how well someone writes and will be able to tell the teacher how much work his or her students have left to do with handwriting.

By: LR