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This is an extensive writing assessment. It is a formal, formative assessment that can be done as often as every day in class or as little as just once. Writing for a long time is a skill that many native English language students struggle with. What makes this assessment nice for ESL or EFL learners is that the teacher gives out the topic so the students do not have to worry about picking one. Then the students are given a time limit instead of a page limit so whatever they feel comfortable with is what they can write. Next, the fact that it is a fun activity will help motivate students to write. Instead of just writing for themselves or their teacher, they are given an audience, which will hopefully motivate them to write their best. Then, the fact that there is a discussion at the end of the writing activity with the whole class allows everyone to reflect on what was written. The downside is that since there is no page limit, the students can write as little as they want. If it is done correctly though, many students will want to write more, and the more often they write, the more confident they will become, and they more they will write. Getting feedback from peers and the teacher will also help students to improve their writing and become better for it.

By: LR