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This type of assessment is mainly used as a formal assessment and extensive reading can be found on almost any standardized test as reading comprehension . The assessment stays within time constraints, is not overly expensive and is easy to administer so it is moderately practical. The problem comes with grading. Many of the questions require students to write the answer. The teacher needs to decide if they should grade according to correct answers, for grammatical correctness, or for length of the answers and complete sentences. When the assessment is given out, the teacher needs to make their objectives clear for the students, and for themselves, so students know what is being looked for. The assessment is reliable because it is consistent and teachers can depend on getting similar answers. Also, if given multiple times, different test takers should have similar answers. The assessment seems very reliable. There are many different types of questions in the assessment to make sure that it shows that the students understand the reading. There are no multiple choice so the answers seem more reliable. The assessment seems to have high levels of authenticity. The text is not outdated and uses words that students can hear everyday. In addition, by having questions where students have to write answers, they are also producing authentic language as well as reading it. The wash back is very positive, especially for the teacher. Teachers can point students in the general direction of right answers if the students put the incorrect answer. Also, students are able to right down their opinions on the reading which can give feedback to the teacher on how they feel about the assessment; how the reading was and if things need to be changed. K.Z.