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This assessment is an example of extensive listening. It is an informal, formative or summative assessment. Here the students have to listen to a fairly long story and then be able to retell it in their own words to someone else. This assessment is a good example of extensive listening because the students have to understand the story in order to retell it to someone else. This means that it will be easy to tell who can listen and understand and who cannot. It is practical and reliable. The only problem with this assessment is the same problem that all listening assessments have. No listening assessment can be observed assessed without using one of the other four skills as well. In this case it is using speaking to assess how well the student listened. If a student can understand what is being said, but struggles with speaking than he or she will not be graded fairly. However, the students are paired up with other classmates, so it should put them more at ease than talking to the teacher, and allow them to not feel so nervous when speaking.

By: LR