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This formal, summative exam is a sample exam for a state writing test in Alaska. The test asks students to find errors, rewrite sentences, and correctly place sentences to make a paragraph. The test seems moderately practical because it does not seem very expensive, or time consuming. The problem could be that some parts of the exam are not multiple choice which could possibly mean that scoring would take longer or more graders would need to be hired which could bring down the practicality depending on the number of students taking the exam. The reliability is also at a moderate level because with the increase of raters, the inter-rater reliability is compromised. Most of the questions seem to have a right or wrong answer and the sample exam gives tips on how to grade so the reliability and practicality seem to remain pretty high. The test seems to be valid since the different parts of the test seem to cover different aspects of writing. Although it is just a sample of the actual test, it gives a good look at what various items are on the test which triangulates the assessment in a way instead of relying on one type of assessment on the exam. The authenticity of the assessment is pretty high because students not only get to create language, but also correct language. The wash back seems to be positive, but lies in the grading of the test. If used more as a state-wide national test, the amount of feedback is usually lower than having a class do the exam to try to keep the practicality of the assessment up. K.Z.