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This assessment is a placement assessment because it covers all four areas of learning a language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is to judge what proficiency a student has reached in the English language. This assessment is from sample questions on the Compass/ESL language test that are listed on its website. This is a good placement exam. It has four levels of questions ranging from easy to hard. This should help make it easier to determine what level a student is at on a scale of one to four. It also has a listening, reading, grammar, and writing passages so it covers three of the four skills. It also shows many pictures, so students who cannot read well still have a chance to answer some of the questions correctly. While the assessment has many good qualities it also has some bad ones. This exam does not have a speaking part, or a part where the student writes. This can be remedied easily though, by tacking on a essay question and asking the student some questions about his or her life and having him or her answer them. I also do not like how most of the test is multiple choice, including the writing section. Overall, this test is practical because it is easy to grade and fairly reliable in the sense that the students either know the answer or not. The positives outweigh the negatives in this assessment, and a good idea of what English proficiency level the student is at, will be reached.

By: LR