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Creative Writing Prompt

This is a responsive writing assessment for Secondary School ELL students. This is a formal or informal formative test. The students are given a broad topic and asked to write a summary or a description or brief narrative on a topic in a few paragraphs. The students have to be able to write more than just sentences, they will write paragraphs. The main objective is that the students can write chronological and organized paragraphs. The task is authentic because the students can create stories based on their own experiences, instead of write about a very structured, rigid topic that does not allow them to draw on a wide range of vocabulary. This task is not very practical because it will take a lot of time on behalf of the teacher in order to grade the assignments and give feedback. The task is also not very reliable because of the wide range of answers that students can give. The advantage though, is that because it is a responsive writing task, the teacher can tell the students he or she is grading them based on their organization and mechanics rather than solely on the meaning of their descriptions and stories. The activity is very useful for assessing writing ability though, because the students have a chance to express themselves in a more personal way rather than responding to questions about a text or about topics that pertain to school or politics. This activity allows them to write about themselves and their own experiences (SH).