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This more informal formative worksheet is a good example of imitative writing skills. Since the assessment is not very long, does not take a lot of funds, and has an easy scoring set, it seems to be very practical. The worksheet is reliable because the students will get the same answers, even if the if penmanship differs. The assessment is valid because it is testing if the students have the ability to create the shape of the letters and connect those into words. Also, since the worksheet uses minimal pairs, such as sit, sat, and set focuses on if the students can distinguish the differences between letters and how the different letters can change the meaning of what is being written. The downside to the assessment is that the students may not have any knowledge of what the words mean. The assessment has authentic words that are used in all types of English; British, American, etc. but that do not appear in an authentic arena. But with time, the authenticity of the tasks can grow as their skill level increases. There is not much positive wash back available for this assessment. If the student does not write the correct answer, one thing that a teacher could do to provide positive feedback Is sit down with the student and show them how to form the letters they do not recognize. The negative to helping as student like this is it affects the practicality of the assessment. K.Z.