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Cloze Test

This is a Short Pop Quiz for Secondary Education English Language Learners. This test could be used as a formal or informal formal test. The reason this test is formative is because even though it includes a summation of many verb tenses, it is not a good summative test to determine if the students know how to use verbs because it is so short and does not utilize speaking or listening or have other types of assessments such as multiple choice questions or essay writing in order to test a student's knowledge of verbs. It is a short pop quiz because it does not require a lot of time and does not have enough sections that assess the student's ability to use verbs that a final exam may have. The reason this test is useful is because the test is short and therefore, if students wrote their answers on paper for the teacher to grade, the test would be practical because it does not require the teacher to spend a lot of time grading them. The topic is authentic and even useful to any new student coming to the United States because the paragraph involves police, an ambulance, a hospital, and a doctor which are all important vocabulary to know in any country. The limitation of this test is that the student cannot type in his or her answers on the computer and have the computer grade the answers. Instead, they can only write it down or think of the answer in their head or say it out loud and then check whether they got the question right by manually clicking on each verb. Therefore, the teacher would have to go over the exercise with them to see if they are doing the test or else collect a sheet of paper with their written answers in order to assess and give a grade to the students. Also, the students would need prior explanation before the test of how to do all the correct verb conjugations before they were expected to know how to write the positive and negative forms of verbs or even which tense to use. The reason the test is a short pop quiz is because it covers one topic (verbs) and does so in a concise, small exercise that does not require a lot of time from the students (SH).