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Cloze Listening Test

This assessment is a selective listening cloze test that asks students to listen to a paragraph or short saying and fill in the blanks with the missing words that they hear as it is read to them. It is formal and formative, typically not summative although it could be used at the end of a lesson. It should be used for upper elementary aged students or intermediate ESL students because some of the vocabulary may be difficult. Most of the topics to choose from on the website are authentic and the students should be able to relate, however there are some that are related to nursery rhymes so students from cultures other than the US may be unfamiliar with them. It is also practical because it is short in length and is computer generated and scored. While it is reliable because there is only one correct answer for each blank and a computer grader, the students are able to listen to the recorded paragraph as many times as they would like, which should be taken into consideration when assessing their scores.