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Basic Phonics Placement Assessment

The purpose of this placement test is to determine students’ basic phonics abilities before placing them in the appropriate K12 language group or classroom. It is a formal assessment that assesses four areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is a good elementary or beginning level placement assessment because it is fairly thorough and well rounded covering each of the four language domains, yet it is still practical. Included with the actual test questions and prompts are instructions for administering the test and a point-system grading rubric. It makes grading quicker and more reliable. Appropriately as a phonics test, a large portion of the test is listening and speaking, which may require more time and energy from those grading the assessment. Recording the participants’ answers would be something I would suggest to better the reliability. One downfall of this test is that the majority of the tasks cannot be completed successfully without fully grasping the detailed instructions, so if students struggle with listening, reading, or comprehending the directions, other areas of the assessment could be negatively affected.