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This assessment is a formal, formative assessment. It is on articles and when to use the, a, or no article, which is a topic to teach students studying English as a second or foreign language. This will be a pop quiz given when the students are not expecting it so the teacher can judge and see how much the students have learned. The results of this test will allow the teacher to tell what still needs to be covered, or what should be covered again. It is a multiple choice test so it should be practical in the sense that it will be quick to grade. There are only ten questions with three options so it will be easy for the teacher to administer it to many people. I like that this quiz only covers one area of aspects, so it will show the teacher how well the students have grasped that one concept. Since it is multiple choice, the students could guess the answers so it may not be the most reliable test. A pop quiz is valid for everyone since no one knows it is coming and is not supposed to be studied for. Overall, I think this is a great pop quiz to judge students knowledge on when to use a, the, or no article.

By: LR